Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January 1st - Happy New Year......

A Happy and Healthy New Year is what I pray for everyone, but most of all my mother. 2007 was a challenging year and one I'm more than happy to put behind me. 2008 doesn't look to be much more promising, however we have to take it just one day at a time.

I spoke to her over the phone briefly today. She's still not feeling to hot. She said she was able to eat a little more and keep some liquids down. The diarrhea had gone away for about 6 hours, but then later it hit her again. She's still really horse too. It's hard to see her this way.

I often wonder...."What If".....what if that doctor hadn't told us about her cancer. Would or wouldn't she be much better off? It seems the Chemotherapy is what makes a person go downhill much faster, even when that is what is supposed to help them. Wouldn't it make more since to live a full happy life, even if it were cut a little short, than to live slightly longer being miserable those last few years? I know mom is a fighter and she will continue to fight with everything she has. It just doesn't seem right.

She has Chemo and a Dr's appointment Friday. I'm anxiously awaiting this appointment because of what she's been going through the last week. I'm anxious to see what he has to say. It's amazing how one simple cold can reek so much havoc on someone.....I never understood that until now. As a "healthy" person, it's nothing, but for a person with cancer....it's fighting for your life.

Well, I must prepare to go back to work tomorrow. I'm kinda looking forward to that, but at the same time kinda dreading it too. It's nice having the time off, but it will be nice getting back into the routine. If only I could work this job at night...that would be perfect, as I'm much more of a night owl, even at my age.

As we head into this New Year, I pray the Lord will watch over and protect my family and friends, each and every single person. We all have our own battles, some which we share with the family and others we battle alone without anyone's knowledge. Anyone except the Lord that is. He knows our struggles and our weakness and now more than ever I have needed him as has my mom. Please continue to pray for her and we will keep you all in our prayers as well. Have an Healthy and Happy New Year....may the Lord Bless and protect you as you go along Life's path.

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