Monday, August 27, 2007

Aug. 27 - Update on Chemo.......

Today was supposed to be Mom's first Chemotherapy treatment. Yes, I said "Supposed to be." It has been delayed thanks or no thanks to me. LOL I guess that depends on who you ask. I know mom wasn't too thrilled about delaying it, but I also know that things are supposed to be done for a reason.

We went into IMA today to get her started on Chemo. I went and talked to the Secretary while we were waiting and told them that Mom never had been called by SIRA for her PET Scan. The secretary is so sweet. She got right on the phone and called SIRA. They told her that they had called mom two or three times last Wednesday and left several messages. WELL HELLO SHERLOCK! Did it ever occur to them that if they never got a call back that they should try again? Well, mom never received any messages. I don't know what the deal is. SIRA claims they were calling the home phone. Mom and Roger happened to be in Bloomington that day getting her head CT scan done. She said when she got home, there were no messages.

So I happened to be talking to mom & Roger about it in the Infusion center when the Nurse walked up and overheard us talking. She was as concerned as I was, as I had been told by the secretary that SIRA said she had to be Chemo Free 2 weeks before the PET Scan can be done. So Obviously they really needed to do this BEFORE she started Chemo. They tried to keep calling and paging Dr. Dayton to make sure what he wanted to do. They never could get ahold of him, so they decided to go ahead and have mom get the PET Scan then they would start Chemo. I had to laugh because the RN said, "We use the Two RN's = One MD method." LOL She said that they use the PET Scan for staging and that it's important that they get that information so they know where they stand.

So, long story short. Mom goes Thursday morning at 7:30 for the PET Scan at SIRA. Immediately following that, she heads over to IMA to get started on Chemo. Thanks for keep us, especially mom, in your prayers. I'll continue to keep everyone updated this way.... God Bless....



Rick said...

Tammi, thanks for keeping us all updated. Tell Aunt Judy I love her and She is in my prayers, as are the rest of you. If you need anything, please let me know.
Love Rick Divine

Anonymous said...

Things work out the way they are intended too. Isn't it funny how that is. You know you are all in our prayers. Give Aunt Jude and Roger a hug and kiss from me. Love ya!!!!!!!!!! Kate

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