Friday, October 12, 2007

Oct 11 - Chemo & Dr's Appt.

Mom had the last treatment of Round two yesterday, the 11th. She also had an appointment with Dr. Dayton. Nothing out of the there really is nothing to report. She'll start round 3 of Chemo on Thursday, October 25th. After she completes that round, they'll do some CT Scans again to see if they've made any progress. Then they'll re-evaluate her treatment plan to see if they need to make any changes.

Mom told Dr. Dayton that she's been doing really well. Just general nausea and fatigue, but nothing out of the ordinary to be expected. The one thing I guess that is out of the ordinary.....her protime results. She goes to the clinic at IMA and gets her protime done before chemo and her results have stabilized and are actually "perfect" so to speak. (3.0 to be exact.) So somehow, someway, the coumadin hasn't be affected by the chemo. Amazing. Apparently, it normally does quite the opposite. Amen for small favors I suppose.

Mom's hair is really starting to shed now. She wore her wig to Chemo yesterday and I tell looks so REAL. It's so pretty and very similar to how she used to wear her hair, that if you didn't would think it's real. I almost snapped a picture, but I didn't feel like it was the right time or place.

Speaking of Mom's Chemo, a friend of the family who had recently been diagnosed with Lung Cancer as well has started his Chemotherapy. Mark Emery's daughter, Kristie Parkes, used to babysit me. Mark was just diagnosed with Lung Cancer within the last month. Kristi has arranged it so his next few chemo treatments are on Thursday's, so he and mom will be there at the same time. It'll almost be like a mini reunion, although not under the circumstances you would want them to be. I wish I could be there to see it though..... Poor Nurses....They don't know what's about to hit them. LOL

Nothing else really to report. My baby's birthday is next Friday. He'll be nine. It's amazing how fast time flies the older we get. Of course, to drags. LOL

I apologize for not posting more often, but if I don't really have anything to report, I don't feel it's necessary. If you're really desperate for something to read, you can go visit my other blogs. LOL You can always call mom if ya want to too and see how she's doing. I know she doesn't mind getting some calls, as long as they aren't during Oprah and Dr. Phil. LOL Have a great weekend.

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