Monday, April 7, 2008

April 07 - Mom is very weak......

Mom went to the doctor last Thursday. Her throat was hurting her badly, so they asked her to come in. Apparently the Thrush has gone down her throat too. They ended up giving her two bags of fluids while she was there. Dr. Dayton reviewed her last scan too. According to mom, it's about the same as it was the last time. Not any better, not worse. Roger says it's worse. This is the news I get when I cannot be at her appointments. I started getting sick last week and was off work Thursday.

I did go ahead over Friday night and spend the night at mom & Roger's. Roger had to work the REMC meeting at the school Saturday, so they had asked me to come over and stay with her while he was working. I figured it would just be easier to spend the night, so I could also spend more time with her.

They finally broke down and purchased a medical lift chair for her Friday. That helps her get up out of her chair in the living room, however Mom is very weak. It takes what little strength she has to walk between the Bedroom/Living Room, Bathroom/Living Room. The thrush has made it so she can barely eat......not that she's felt like eating much at all either. She's lost her appetite too, even the medicine they've given her isn't helping her appetite. She was complaining of her heart pounding hard Saturday. (Her INR was up to 6.1 on Thursday.) She slept from about 8:30 pm to 7:30 am Friday/Saturday night, then she went back and laid back down at 10:30 and slept til 12:00.

She's at the doctor's office this morning. I tried calling and Roger told me to call back in a few minutes. I'll let you know what I find out in another post.

Uncle Fred is not doing good at all. Apparently they are going to take him off his respirator. I spoke to Angie this morning and she said, "he's holding his own." However she nor Aunt Mary have been able to get ahold of Aunt Donna or Uncle Steve.

Please pray for my family......this has got to be one of the most difficult periods we've gone through in a Long, Long time...... To have not one, but two going through a struggle with life. It's ripping our hearts open. I'll post more later. Love you all.......

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Tracy said...

It's so hard for me to know what to say, Tammi. My heart breaks for you and your family to have to go through this. I can only pray that God gives you all strength. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING.

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