Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3 - Updating for Tammi

Hello, I'm Tammi's cousin Angie. She asked me to update for her so here goes.......

Aunt Judy went to see her oncologist this past Tuesday after receiving chemo on the 24th of April. The chemo isn't working anymore and the thrush has flared up again. Together they decided to stop chemo and bring in hospice. Not an easy decision. Hospice came on Wednesday. Aunt Judy is very weak now, needing the help of Roger and family to get her out of bed, to the potty, to the chair, etc... and she hasn't eaten solid food for over a week now. She drinks small amounts all day. It's not been a good week at all. No one gets out of this alive but having to face your final days has got to be so difficult. We don't want to leave her by herself anymore so sister Sharon came over the end of this week and plans to return on Monday and Little Roger continues to check in frequently and stay until his dad gets home from work if necessary. I came over on Friday to stay the weekend and was able to enjoy good conversation and a few smiles with her for which I am grateful. So tonight when you say your prayers please pray for peace and comfort for Aunt Judy and strength for Roger and Tammi.

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