Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept. 11 - Happy Anniversary

So, for those of you who either didn't know or have forgotten, today is Mom & Roger's Anniversary, their 24th to be exact. I know I have been thoroughly blessed over the past 25 years. God couldn't have given me a more loving father than when he put Roger in our Lives. So, if you get a chance, you may want to drop them a card or give them a call and wish them Happy Anniversary. Mom's birthday is Sept. 25th too. She'll be 60 this year! If you need their address, just drop me a line or give me a call.

Special thanks needs to go out to Miss Stephanie Hill. Stephanie was my son's 2nd grade teacher at Bloomfield and has become a good friend of the family. She baked a Lasagna and brought it into Roger to take home last night, along with bread and a large salad. Mom sounded tickled pink when she was telling me about it. She told Roger to tell Steph that that was their Anniversary Dinner. I know so many people want to help them out and I can honestly say, in everything I've read, little things like this are the best way to help.

Mom seems to be in good spirits overall. She goes for Chemo Thursday, then I guess the weekend of the 22nd, she and Roger is going over to Illinois to the River and camp out.

That's about all I have time for right now. It's about time to go home. Thanks for your support and continued prayers.....


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Anonymous said...

Hey Tammi, Just wanted to let you know that we think and pray for you all every day. I hope we get to see your mom and Roger soon. We need to plan a family get together for the end of this month or sometime next month. Give Aunt Judy a kiss for me and a big hug to Roger. Love ya, Kate

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