Friday, September 14, 2007

Sept. 13 - Mom's Treatment

Well, mom had her last treatment for round one yesterday. She'll start round two on the 27th, at which time they'll add the Avastin to her treatment regiment.

We met with Michael Burns, who is a Nurse Practitioner. I guess they like for him to get to know all the patients, so when the doctor isn't around, he can take care of them. He basically just took her vitals and discussed her general overall health with her. He is a very personable person. I really like him and so did Mom and Roger. He gave mom some samples of Ambien CR to see if that will help her sleep through the night. She is still having sleep problems. We did ask for the Pet Scan results, as well as the Head CT and other CT results as we had not really been told anything. Good news is the Cancer has not spread to her brain or bones.

Mom and Roger also picked up the Pathological Reports from Dr. Haddad's office. These papers included the reports from her surgery and the procedures where they went down her throat and the colonoscopy. We have to have them to turn into the Cancer Insurance. Basically the reports, including the PET, show the cancer is primarily in her Lung, It apprears to also be in the right paratracheal lymph nodes and the Liver, although the reports seem to indicate the Liver might not be as bad as originally thought. I know we were all relieved to find that it hasn't made it to her head or bones yet.

After treatment and after they stopped by Dr. Haddad's office, Mom went to Wigs Unlimited to pick out a wig. They do specialize in custom wigs, but mom found one that was in the store she liked. I got to see it when they dropped off the pathology reports to me at work. It was really pretty and while it's not exactly how she wears her hair now, I have seen her wear a style close to it at one point in her life. I laughed and told mom I was going to shave my head and steal her wig.

Unfortately it appears mom's hair is finally starting to thin out. She said when she washed her hair yesterday, she noticed she lost quite a bit more than normal. What's so sweet....when she does finally lose her hair and has to start wearing her wig, Roger is going to shave his head. He told me yesterday that "We do things together." Now that's a sign of TRUE LOVE. WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE HIM.

I guess the lady at Wigs Unlimited is originally from the Bloomfield Area and actually used to work with Roger at one time at White's Regal Store. Mom said she just hugged Roger when she figured out who he was, and apparently I babysat for her late son a couple of times. (He lived with his dad and they were divorced, so I never knew her.) She found out what roger was going to do, so she gave him a DoRag to wear too. How sweet is that! I'm thinking that's what I may get both of them for Christmas....New DoRags. :p I told mom she would probably want something like that for when she's sitting around the house and doesn't want to put her wig on.

Mom doesn't have treatment next week, so they are going to go over to Illinois for a night the weekend of the 22nd. Charlie Primus, Angie's father-in-law, has graciously left his camper on his ground by the river and said mom and Roger could stay there. Mom said she was looking forward to some peace and quiet.

Well, that's about all I know for now. Thanks for your continued love and support......


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Stacy said...

Mom and me just wanted to say that we're thinking of you and your whole family. Tammi thank you for keeping this log for everyone. Mom is staying with me for this 9 months to help me with Corrine as I go back to work. So, it's nice to be able to keep track of what's going on with Judy from afar. We'll be reading...Stacy Gunn Quesada

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