Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sept. 4 - The Faces of Lung Cancer

We had a good weekend. Mom seems to be doing really well. She just gets tired real easily. Still not sure how much of it is the Cancer and how much is depression though. Every time I get ready to leave, I catch a glimpse of sadness in her eye and everytime I leave, I just pray it's not our last goodbye.

Sunday was like a little "Mini Family Reunion". My Uncle Steve is home from Las Vegas. He came home to see mom and Uncle Fred. He and Uncle Fred came up from Evansville. My Aunt Sharon came over from Illinois and brought my cousin, Chris. My cousin, Angie, came over from Illinois. Uncle Dick & Aunt Margie came up from Loogootee. Uncle Fred was truly a surprise and a pleasant one at that, as he too is battling cancer.

It was really tough seeing Uncle Fred in the shape he's in. You can tell his battle with cancer has been a rough one and he too gets tired really easily. I'm not sure where his cancer started, but it has spread throughout his body. He was exhausted by the time it was time for him and Uncle Steve to return home. I LOVE YOU UNCLE FRED! Hang in there..... To my friends, please add him to your prayer lists too.

It was really nice seeing everyone together. We missed Uncle Andy & Aunt Maryann though. Not sure why Aunt Maryann wasn't there, but Uncle Andy is in the Veteran's home in Illinois somewhere. It happens so little anymore that we all get together. It seems to only be when someone is really sick or a death in the family. I guess that's a sign we are all getting older. I remember the old days when Grandma & Grandpa Divine were still around. I miss all the family getting together. We sat and watched a movie Angie put together. I cried when I saw Grandma & Grandpa. I sure do miss them. I remember Grandma's soft hands and cheeks and Grandpa's snickers. I just hope that Devin has many good memories of mom like that.

I took some pictures, and as soon as I get the chance to download them, I'll post some here. I may try to open some sort of photo sharing account too, so I can post them all and everyone can see them.

Now, the reason for the title of this blog......I've been doing alot of research on Lung Cancer and have come across many good informational sites. (I've included the links at the bottom of blog.) Well, this website has really struck a chord with me. It truly shows how personal Lung Cancer is and explains just how UNDERFUNDED research geared towards Lung Cancer is.

One of the pages on this site is called "The Faces of Lung Cancer," and on it are pictures of Lung Cancer Survivors and those who have passed. It's hard to see those who have passed, but encouraging to see those who have beat odds of how long they would survive. I submitted mom's photo and it was posted today! Here is the link if you would like to go check it out: The Faces of Lung Cancer

I would like to encourage everyone to go to this website and sign the petition that is geared toward getting congress to increase funding towards battling this disease. Lung Cancer kills more people every year than: breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer and melanoma ALL COMBINED!!! Yet it remains one of the most UNDER funded cancer research areas. I pledge that as long as I'm alive, I will support the battle against Lung Cancer. It's PERSONAL. There are interesting facts regarding Lung Cancer. You can read them by clicking on this link: Lung Cancer Facts.

Well, I must get to bed now. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow night. Much love and god bless. Thank you for everything, especially all your prayers.


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